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Kenya Project

The Project is part of the strategy for reducing poverty in Kenya, specifically in the Nyanza Province, which the Kenyan government’s 2005 Economic Survey indicated as the country’s poorest province and one of the poorest of the entire African continent, with a poverty index of 52.2%

Seminiamo per l’Africa (Sowing for Africa) will be a long-term, complex, structured project under the aegis of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Kenyan government. The goal is to provide long-term support of the quality of living of the local population, providing them with the tools for a sustainable development of their agricultural activity.

The first beneficiaries will be 40 groups living on the fringe of society who have formed, with the CEFA’s help, 40 self-development cooperatives; each group is made up of 25 members and their families, for a total of around 10,000 persons. The cooperatives will become an imitable, easily repeatable model. Once the project is in full swing, it will progressively lead to increased income and better accessibility to services for the district’s entire population, totalling close to 200,000 inhabitants.